Long Arithmetic

This is a question type for primary education. The procedure for solving a problem is very similar to solving it with pen and paper, so children will find it easy to work with. AlgebraKiT records every digit entered by the student and supports the child with a progress indicator and feedback on mistakes. The solution process is configurable to your didactical requirements.

Limited authoring input

An author needs only specify the problem; all the rest is generated by AlgebraKiT: solution, evaluation of intermediate steps, hints and error feedback.
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audience UK
template-name SUBTRACT
template-args [265,89]
show-problem-values "first-only"
show-problem-line true
show-problem-operator true
show-place-value true
(1) Audience defines the type of student who is doing the exercise. UK refers to a child in English primary education.
(2) show-place-value: if true, the HTU labels of digits are shown

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