Inline Math
A very compact widget backed by AlgebraKiT's math engine. Ideal for questions that can be answered directly with a number or a mathematical expression.

Limited authoring input

An author needs only specify the problem and perhaps an initial hint; all the rest is generated by AlgebraKiT: solution, evaluation of intermediate steps, hints and error feedback.
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virginHint'The area is length times width. What is the expression for the length? And the width?'
virginHint'Calculate the total area as the sum of the four inner parts.'
(1) Audience defines the type of student who is doing the exercise. UK_KS3 refers to Key Stage 3 level in the UK.
(2) VirginHint is an optional hint to show if no input is given yet.

You remain in control of your exercises

AlgebraKiT handles the input field and evaluation only. The exercise or question in which Inline Math is used, is handled by your learning platform. This way you keep control of your content and presentation.

Try it yourself!

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