Offer unlimited training with randomized exercises

Students need to master many skills in order to succeed in mathematics. Skills that are learned and maintained through repeated training. AlgebraKiT offers a unique approach to arrange randomized exercises for many subjects and levels of difficulty. Add AlgebraKiT's widgets with formative support and automatic evaluation, and you have a powerful math trainer straight from your learning environment.

Try it yourself!

This example demonstrates a randomized exercise with three levels. Click on a level to generate a new exercise.

Arrange custom exercises

Create an unlimited amount of exercises with just a few clicks.
Generating randomized exercises requires more than just varying some numbers. It is important to also vary the format, but only within the limits of the students' abilities. And how do you control the level of difficulty of a generated exercise?
AlgebraKiT has created thousands of randomization templates, organised around the mathematical topics of secondary education. We offer a unique approach that lets you arrange your custom randomized exercises that fit the skills and levels of difficulty your students require.
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