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Van Aubel's theorem

Exercise 1

Solve these equations using the balance method.

Writing linear functions
A new candle is 30 cm long. One burning hour reduces the height by 1.5 cm.
Write this as a mathematical function f(t) , where t is time in hours.
Solution: f(t) = 30 - 1.5 \cdot t
What is the height of the candle after 5 hours?
Solution: f(5) = 30 - 1.5 \cdot 5 = 30 - 7.5 = 22.5 cm
After how many hours has the candle burnt out?
Solution: Solve f(t)=0 : (click on a step for details)

Exercise 2

This tabel shows the result of a survey among math students.

Exercise 3

Try to find the function values for the given x . We have already filled out some solutions in the table as example.

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