Web service API

This page details the subset of the web service API that exposes functionality for your application’s backend.

/session/create Create a new interaction from an Exercise Definition or from the id of a predefined exercise in the CMS.
/session/solution Get the worked out solution for an exercise or for an existing session.
/session/result Collect detailed information of the session, such as scoring and the students‘ actions (incl. evaluation results).
/exercise/generate Generate multiple Exercise Definitions from a randomised exercise.
/exercise-info Get general information of an exercise in AlgebraKiT’s CMS, such as name, interaction type and the number of difficulty levels.

Calls are made through HTTP POST to https://algebrakit.eu, where parameters are supplied as a JSON object of the message body. The following parameters are required for every call:

appId Identifier of the client application that makes the request.
appSecret Password for this client application
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