Frontend API

The frontend API handles the creation of the widgets and the processing of learning events. Include a script tag to your web page to load the frontend API from The frontend API is exposed by the global AlgebraKIT object.


You can specify configuration parameters in the AlgebraKIT object. Include this configuration before the script tag that loads and initialises the frontend API.

    AlgebraKIT = {
        config: {
            widgets : [{
                name: 'akit-formula-editor', 
                handwriting: 'MyScript'
            proxy: 'proxy/algebrakit',
            theme: 'my-custom-theme'
<!--Load API *after* setting configuration  -->
<script href=""></script>


widgets Optional configuration settings per widget type. See the widget overview for a list of supported widget types and their configuration parameters.
proxy If set, the widgets will communicate with AlgebraKIT’s web service through this local proxy to prevent cross-origin communication.
theme An optional identifier to a predefined theme, which defines the style and design of the widgets. Custom themes are created by the AlgebraKiT team based on your requirements.

Exposed API

The following functionality is added to AlgebraKIT:
addExerciseListener Add a listener to one of the events that are generated by AlgebraKIT widgets.
getWidgets Retrieve a list of all created widget instances.
render Search and render expressions written in latex or MathML.
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