Intelligent math components
for learning providers

AlgebraKiT's interactive math technology adds automated tutoring capabilities to learning platforms.
Our educational principles
Focus on
Solve math problems step by step
Our evaluation engine checks every input and offers hints when needed.
Learn from mistakes
AlgebraKiT is able to recognize many mistakes and give meaningful feedback. Automatically.
Maintain and improve skills
Randomized exercises offer an unlimited opportunity to achieve procedural fluency.
Why educational publishers love us

We know that math education requires a lot more than ‘just’ a great math engine. That’s why AlgebraKiT is designed to be part of a bigger system, to add the power of formative feedback to existing math courses and assessment systems.

Such a seamless integration goes beyond technical interfaces. AlgebraKiT tunes its engine towards the didactical approach of the resources in which it is used. This means that solution strategies, mathematical notations and language are all matched to your requirements.
no authoring
Save time and costs on authoring
No need to pre-specify hints, errors, explanations, derivations or final answers for any exercise. AlgebraKiT generates all these directly from the problem.
Designed for your LMS
Our evaluation engine and HTML5 components are designed to work behind your learning environment, giving you full control and a seamless user experience.

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